Cryoskin in Georgia

Treating Localized Fat and Flaccidity

Non-invasive solution to help get lasting results

Treating Localized Fat and Flaccidity

The Cryoskin machine works by using Cold temperatures to treat body fat, providing amazing results on localized fat, cellulite and facial treatments.
This treatment is completely non-invasive, making it the perfect alternative to plastic surgery. There is no downtime, and no pain—only fantastic results! Reducing localized fat on your abs, arms or legs. It can even treat cellulite! Each treatment is scheduled two weeks apart, giving your body time to recover and go through its natural elimination process.

Non Invasive Liposuction Alternative

This technology was specially developed for those who want to eliminate localized fat without having to suffer the discomfort of liposuction, which can be expensive and highly invasive. Ideal for people who do not want to interrupt their daily routine to recover from surgery. Also ideal for those who seek to reduce fat in areas of the body that they feel are aesthetically uncomfortable.

cryoslimming atlanda ga
Uses cold temperatures to treat localized fat.
cryotoning cellulite atlanta ga
CryoToning Cellulite
There's finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you to reduce the stubborn cellulite.
cryotoning face atlanta ga
CryoToning Face
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving your skin.

Why Cryoslimming

At Formah we use Cryoslimming as one of the options that directly attack localized fat. We can also make a personalized treatment plan in association with other techniques and protocols so that we can target the greatest amount of fat at the same time, reducing some cells, eliminating others and taking simultaneously remodeling the desired area. Doing these treatments together will also help the body flush out excess liquids and toxins resulting in maximum benefits.

Cryoskin Treatment Benefits

  • Treatment is a pain-free therapy that lasts from 40 to 50 minutes
  • Results are measurable from the first treatment
  • More economical than expensive surgical procedures
  • No downtime, fits perfectly into hectic lifestyles

There are absolutely no side effects to this treatment so you will be able to workout, train and continue with your regular daily routine. Book a session online or a free consultation, to see how CryoSlimming can help you in your Body Slimming process!

Check These Results!

cryoskin 1 before fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
cryoskin before and after 1 fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
cryoskin 3 before fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
cryoskin before and after 3 fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
cryoskin 2 before fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
cryoskin before and after 2 fat and flaccidity treatment atlanta ga
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