Lymphatic Drainage in Georgia

Lymphatic drainage leaves you feeling refreshed, and looking your best with helping combat swelling, fight cellulite and eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

Feel refreshed, and looking your best.

Feel Your Best With a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Atlanta, GA

The Formah EXCLUSIVE Lymphatic Drainage Technique is an aesthetic procedure created in Brazil more than 10 years ago by Formah's Founder and Technical Director Flávia Santi. The biggest difference to our exclusive lymphatic massage from other lymphatic drainage massages is the special combination of unique drainage and massage techniques. These techniques are combined with natural and vegan products that nourish the body and eliminate toxins. 

In addition to providing relaxation and easing stress, there are many benefits to an Atlanta lymphatic drainage massage. For instance, lymphatic drainage can help combat swelling, fight cellulite and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. This leaves you feeling refreshed, and looking your best.

It's important to note that the results are progressive, so it's best to book weekly, regular appointments. However, Atlanta lymphatic drainage can be completed any time you feel the need for a little pick me up—or if you've indulged in a glass or two of wine, salty food and copious amounts of caffeines. Many of our favorite "cheat treats" can increase the amount of toxins in the body, resulting in swelling and bloating most women would rather do without. 

When you book an Atlanta lymphatic drainage massage with a massage therapist at Formah, you can rest assured that we'll put your health and comfort first. It's important to us that all our valued clients feel relaxed during the treatment, and that they see real results after the first massage. 

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage in Atlanta, GA

As mentioned, there are numerous benefits to manual lymph drainage, making this non-invasive treatment ideal for clients wanting to slim their bodies, recover from injuries and even combat the development of cellulite. We've broken the many benefits of lymphatic drainage down further:

Combat Swelling and Fluid Retention

Unlike a deep tissue massage, which targets muscle knots, lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that encourages the lymph system to get rid of toxins and excess fluid. By using a gentle pressure, a massage therapist can remove the excess volume that results in swelling, bloating and fluid retention, Rather than suffer the discomfort of not fitting into your favorite pair of jeans properly, or feeling like your arms look out of place in a tank top, book regular lymph massages to get rid of unwanted toxins and fluid build-up.

Help Fight Cellulite

Amazingly, lymphatic drainage can help fight cellulite. No one likes cellulite, but it feels unavoidable for the majority of women. We see it popping up on our thighs, tummies and booty. However, just because cellulite is common, doesn't mean you have to accept it's permanent. At Formah Brazilian Beauty Center, we offer a wide range of treatments that target cellulite—including lymphatic drainage.

Assist the Recovery of Muscle and Joint Injuries

Do you have tight muscles? Perhaps your range of motion isn't quite what it used to be? While you may be visiting a physiotherapist to help with muscle tension, lymphatic drainage is a wonderful way to support your muscle and joint injury heal, while reducing pain and discomfort.

Help Damaged Scar Tissue Heal

Just like how lymphatic drainage can help your joints and muscles heal after an injury, it can also encourage healing in your soft tissue and connective tissue. You'll feel the difference after just one treatment, although it's best to schedule weekly sessions while your body heals.

Prevent Scarring After Plastic Surgery

No matter what type of surgery you underwent, lymph drainage is a gentle way to eliminate toxin build-up and prevent long term scarring. It's important to note that all the procedures at Formah Brazilian Beauty Center are non-invasive. However, we are dedicated to helping women who've recently had cosmetic surgery recover safely and comfortably. Be sure to ask your doctor before booking an appointment for lymphatic drainage post-op, and let us know any important limitations or instructions. 

Reduce Hematomas

A hematoma is a bad bruise. If you fell recently, got bruised at work or have bruises resulting from plastic surgery, lymphatic drainage in Atlanta can help encourage proper blood flow and healing. It will reduce the swelling from severe bruising.

Improve Blood, Venous and Lymphatic Circulation

There are many systems in our bodies that work together to keep us healthy. Lymphatic drainage not only encourages proper lymphatic flow, but it also encourages healthy blood flow. This is essential for ensuring blood is oxygenating all our tissues correctly, and to promote healthy blood circulation—which helps prevent spider and varicose veins. Proper lymph flow is essential for helping the lymph system get rid of harmful toxins.

Oxygenate Tissues 

Lymphatic drainage can help encourage more oxygen to enter our soft tissues through proper blood flow. This process is essential for building ATP—an energy building molecule that helps our bodies stay fit and healthy, and aids in tissue regeneration.

Eliminate Toxins From the Body

As we go about our daily lives, toxins infiltrate our bodies. From the foods we eat and beverages we drink, to high levels of inactivity at our jobs, most people's bodies don't properly drain toxins. The lymphatic system is meant to properly get rid of these toxins from our bodies, but modern life has a way of getting in the way of this important process. That's why regular lymph massages are so important, to help purge toxins from our bodies.

Improve Self-Esteem and Quality of Life

Whether your muscles are tight and uncomfortable, or you want to get rid of unflattering bloating and swelling, a lymph drainage massage in Atlanta can help you feel more healthy and more confident. At Formah, we're dedicated to helping women throughout Atlanta feel their best selves. You're already beautiful, let us help you feel that way every single day.

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