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Orto Lifting is a powerful treatment to tighten the skin and can also combat cellulite

Tired of excess skin around your abs, arms, legs, or hips? If you’ve recently lost a little weight, congratulations! You must feel incredible. But it also means there’s a chance you might have a bit of excess, or loose skin — particularly if you are more mature in age. As we age, women’s bodies stop producing as much collagen. This means it’s harder for our skin to retain elasticity and bounce-back from weight loss or having a baby. Even the aging process itself can cause skin to loosen. Not to worry though, because at Formah we have the perfect treatment to tighten those areas, so you feel as fresh and youthful as you did in your 20s!

Orto Lifting is a powerful treatment to tighten the skin and can also combat cellulite.

Discover Orto Lifting

What is Orto Lifting?

This treatment consists of orthomolecular cosmeceuticals, and different types of equipment combined with lifting techniques, focused on treating saggy skin or help with the appearance of flaccid cellulite. This treatment provides Revitalization, Nutrition, and a complete boost in the acceleration of the production of collagen and elastin.

To understand the importance of this treatment and all the benefits, let's deepen our knowledge about the main causes, how our body works, how our system responds and works to produce the substances needed to keep our skin young and smooth.

The first factor that leads us to know if we need a treatment like this is through self-knowledge, understanding that:

  • The collagen degradation that occurs in the human body occurs mainly after the age of 30 years. After this age, the skin tends to lose approximately 1% of collagen per year. Naturally produced by the body, collagen is an essential protein to maintain skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Like other natural substances produced by our body, collagen has a very important function for the skin, and is responsible for firming our skin. However, over time, the body gradually loses this substance.

How is our body impacted by collagen loss?

There are several factors that can cause the loss of this substance in the body: There are people who may have less collagen because they ingest fewer sources of protein, for example.

Those who use very restrictive diets or go through intense catabolism processes, such as athletes, also have a greater need for collagen sources. In addition, there is the issue of the lack of stimulation of the substance on the skin, through the topical use of dermo cosmetics.

With this in mind, this AMAZING TREATMENT was developed to treat all possible causes and problems in order to obtain a visible result on the skin immediately after the FIRST SESSION.

Through an in-depth study of the best stimulus and how to replace what the body is deficient in, the combination of orthomolecular supplementation applied directly to the skin was then made, after using equipment with a high temperature that reaches 42 degrees, this heat promotes and stimulates the regeneration of these collagen fibers and the production of more collagen is accelerated through a beneficial inflammatory process that causes the body to start working, producing and renewing these fibers. After doing these two steps, our esthetician uses other equipment and lifting techniques to get the absolute best results.

Main causes of loose skin and tissue flaccidity:

• Loss of muscle mass
• Increased weight gain
• Gravity
• Physiological aging
• Lifestyle
• Smoking
• Excessive exposure to the sun without SPF
• Dramatic fluctuation in weight
• Pregnancy
• Poor eating habits
• Hormonal disorders

Recommended areas to treat:

• Butt
• Thighs
• Abs
• Arms
• Back

If you are worried about Loose Skin, and would like to try a treatment or to know more about this and other treatments, book a session now or a Free Consultation! It would be our pleasure to get you started!

Orto Lifting Gets Results

Take a look at these pictures with results of real clients:

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