Post-Surgery Treatment in Georgia

The estheticians at Formah offer gentle, compassionate post-op care that will help you recover and feel like your self again — or even better!

Gentle, compassionate post-op care that will help you recover and feel like your self again

Post-Surgery Treatment in Atlanta

The recovery period after surgery can leave you feeling fragile and not at your best while your body heals from invasive surgical procedures. The estheticians at Formah offer gentle, compassionate post-op care that will help you recover and feel like your old self again — or even better! Our Post Surgery Treatment and other beauty treatments will help to minimize complications from your surgery, and you will experience significant pain relief right away.

Post-op Treatment removes Liquid retention, metabolic waste, bacteria, toxins, foreign substances, and big protein molecules from the tissues, to aid in the healing process, and to contour your body, getting rid of the leftover fat from Surgery.

Atlanta Post-Surgery Treatment Results

Take a Look at some pictures with results of this amazing Post-Surgery treatment:
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Discover Post-Surgery Treatment

What is a post-surgery cosmetic treatment?

Aesthetic treatments after plastic surgery have a very important relationship with the patient's recovery. Above all, in the postoperative period of certain procedures, aesthetic treatments are aimed at relieving pain, avoiding complications and promoting healing of tissues.

The importance of aesthetic treatments after surgery

In most all cases, to obtain optimal results and a smooth recovery from plastic surgery it not only depends on the technique and professionalism of the plastic surgeon. Post-surgical aesthetic treatments are also very important part of the process in achieving the expected result. After the procedures, it is essential to avoid factors that can cause complications and take some special care.

In some plastic surgeries, skin dislocation may occur, and usually swelling may occur. This swelling must be properly addressed so that there are no skin irregularities, nodules or even fibrosis (internal scarring that can be prominent).

The best way to treat this swelling is through some aesthetic techniques, which allows for better results. Hence the importance of following all medical recommendations during the postoperative period.

How does Formah's post-surgical treatment work?

With the understanding that this is an aesthetic procedure and that the main objective is to improve and help the work that was performed by a doctor, we work through a protocol done in a localized manner. Within this protocol, we use the association of techniques to direct the fluids, help contour the region and mobilize the tissues so that the aesthetic result is even better, along with this procedure, we use ultrasound equipment. This ultrasound has several benefits, such as analgesic results, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action, helping to break fibrosis accumulated in the dermal connective tissue (cellular micro massage). It is always used respecting the healing phases of the surgery.

Now let's talk about the benefits and understand the importance of this process:

Rehabilitation is one of the most important hours of the entire surgical process. Improved oxygenation and circulation, increased muscle tone, skin hydration and nutrition, decreased post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, healing and decreased pain are just some of the functions of postoperative aesthetic procedures.

Aesthetics and Post-operative:

The role of a professional is to complement the plastic surgery. Using aesthetic techniques and resources to speed up this recovery process.


We consider the recovery period to be extremely essential for the desired results.
Therefore, we usually say that the success of plastic surgery is closely related to care
that the patient should adopt when recovering from surgery.

We recommend that the sessions start after 7 to 15 days after surgery. It may vary in each case, considering the face-to-face evaluation made by a professional, Esthetician qualified to apply the techniques, and your doctor’s recommendations.

In the case of patients who use a drain placed by the physician, we recommend that the aesthetic procedure be started after these drains are removed, thus enabling a better use of the benefits of the ultrasound equipment and the manual techniques that need to be applied.

When can I take an assessment?

The evaluation or the Free Consultation is to find out how many sessions and when the patient can start the treatment, in some cases you can start as soon as one week post-op.

This consultation is very important, as each surgery is individual and undergoes different processes and techniques used by the doctor to reach a desired goal with the patient.

General post-operative care:

1. Adequate food
• The body needs nutrients and energy to be able to resume its normal functioning.

2. Rest
• After surgery, rest is recommended to avoid physical discomfort as to not disturb any stitches and scarring in the operated region.

3. Personal care
Maintaining asepsis in the postoperative period is the most important measure for a good recovery.

• Avoid sun exposure while you are bruised and wait for medical release
• Drink lots of water to improve retention and help the body flush unwanted toxins.

How long does it take to notice the result?

Right after the first session the results are already visible, in terms of pain relief, and especially reducing swelling which can be essential for tissue recovery, and improvement in the contour of the body in the case of liposuction, for example.

However, the definitive result of the surgery can vary greatly from person to person and the degree of aggression in the process of each surgery.

Recommended number of sessions:

• We recommend for best results it varies between 6 to 12 sessions. It can be less or more, according to the consultation made by a qualified professional.

• It is possible that alternative treatments may be suggested according to the current status of the patient.


*Our treatments are 100% aesthetic, any complications need to be dealt with by the doctor who performed the surgery and in special cases we need a written recommendation.

*Before beginning post-surgery treatment, you should first consult with your doctor and confirm whether you have any special restrictions that we need to be aware of.

If you are in post-surgery process, book a free consultation now. It would be our pleasure to take care of you!

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