Ultradetox in Georgia

Whole body inches reduction

A treatment from the neck to the toes!

ULTRADETOX stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates the excess of liquid and toxins from the body, delivering incredible and visible results after the first session. The combination of ORTHO MOLECULAR actives in the products we use and our exclusive techniques is our best kept secret!

10 Benefits of


ultradetox before
1. Body contouring
2. Inches reduction
3. Reduces water retention
4. Regenerates body tissues
5. Eliminates toxins
6. Raises metabolism
7. Improves immune system
8. Combats cellulite
9. Promotes muscle relaxation
10. One ULTRADETOX = 3 lymphatic detox sessions
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A WHOLE BODY treatment
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An hour and a half session
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Ortho molecular actives
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Body contouring


Eliminates up to 4 pounds ONE DAY after the first session.
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  • before and after ultradetox atlanta ga 1
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