Welcome to the Formah Body Sculpting Membership Program! We understand the importance of constant self-care. With our membership, you can indulge in a Monthly Treatment Session catered to your needs. Take advantage of our affordable and hassle-free program to ensure you prioritize your well-being. Our program is designed to make routine self-care an integral part of your lifestyle. Join us today and experience the benefits of regular treatments, setting the foundation for a healthier and more vibrant you.

To sign up for your membership, book a free consultation or session at your nearest location!

Membership Program

Benefits Regular Price Bronze ($89/Month) Silver ($129/Month) Gold ($229/Month)
Packages Discounts 0% 30% 35% 40%
Products Discounts 0% 10% 15% 20%
Drenoredux $129 ✓✓
Bye Bye Cellulite $129 ✓✓
Booty Lift $129 ✓✓
EMS $89 ✓✓
Lymphatic Drainage $129 ✓✓
Post-Surgery Treatment $129 ✓✓
Face Detox $129 ✓✓
Face Lifting $129 ✓✓
Drenoredux Turbo $189 ✓✓
Orto Lifting $189 ✓✓
Orto Sculpting $189 ✓✓
Cryoslimming $350
Cryotoning $350
Cryofacial $350
Ultradetox $249
Zero Double Chin $350
Venus Legacy $350
Bye Bye Stretch Marks $349

✓: One Monthly service included
✓ ✓: With Gold membership, you can use 2 sessions of these Treatments, or a combination of 2 different treatments with this symbol